cutandmake geometric christmas card golden star folded out


New for Christmas 2013,  FoldedStarChristmas Card – it follows the same principles as the FirTreeCard that we first printed back in 2011. Nothing is printed on the outside of the card everything is cut to create a simple design that leaves the sender or the […]

cutandmake Bubble wrap cutout out envelope

Bubble Wrap

We finally went in to production with a limited edition of tiny collecting envelopes only in two colour ways. Of course once you start filling the envelopes with small reciepts and cards, the colour way options are yours to choose..

cut and make collecting pouches

Dotty Pockets

Back to my polka dots. A pocket that you could hang, and fill up with receipts and notes and cards, and then when finished can fold up and file, using the two holes for the ring binder. What do you think, too complicated?


Visual Mag – Dec 2012

Our FirTree card was selected by visualMAG! visualmag is an online cultural magazine about art, digital culture and other creative disciplines. They published an article featuring some of their favourite original Christmas cards. You can read the article

cutandmake popping out snowman

Popping out Snowmen

The Snowmen have joined us, they are screen-printed and foil blocked on heavy grey card. They come with fitting envelope, so that you can send them on a Christmas Journey easily. On their arrival the new owners can pop them out and slot them together […]

cutandmake pop out father christmas foil blocked

Popping out Father Christmas

Finally these little round fellows have arrived, nicely foil blocked and silkscreened on grey recycled card. He has a friend a pop out snowman, who should be arriving shortly . You can send them flat and let some happy receiver pop them out and put […]

cutandmake geometric christmas card fir tree


Our popular geometric cut-out FirTree card has been reprinted for 2012 (we sold out last year). Nothing is printed on the outside of the card everything is cut to create a simple design that leaves the sender or the receiver the choice to fold out […]

Cutandmake Pop Out Tulips Flowers


The tulips have finally arrived. This is my small venture into more decorative territories, let see where it takes me for a while. So the cards are screen printed on recycled grey board. Really happy with how the colours turned out. Decided to use a […]

Bubble Wrap studies on the wall

Polka Dots

I am going dotty about dots. I am not sure where it is going to lead me, but it would be nice to make something with polka dots. At the moment the sheets, are up on the wall, waiting to be transformed.

cut and make BubbleWrap CreamRed

Bubble Wrap

So after much folding and cutting and taping and untaping and recutting etc etc … those lovely polka dot sheets have been turned into tiny collecting envelopes.