Category: work in progress

cutandmake Bubble wrap cutout out envelope

Bubble Wrap

We finally went in to production with a limited edition of tiny collecting envelopes only in two colour ways. Of course once you start filling the envelopes with small reciepts…

cut and make collecting pouches

Dotty Pockets

Back to my polka dots. A pocket that you could hang, and fill up with receipts and notes and cards, and then when finished can fold up and file, using…

Cutandmake Pop Out Tulips Flowers


The tulips have finally arrived. This is my small venture into more decorative territories, let see where it takes me for a while. So the cards are screen printed on…

Bubble Wrap studies on the wall

Polka Dots

I am going dotty about dots. I am not sure where it is going to lead me, but it would be nice to make something with polka dots. At the…

cut and make BubbleWrap CreamRed

Bubble Wrap

So after much folding and cutting and taping and untaping and recutting etc etc … those lovely polka dot sheets have been turned into tiny collecting envelopes.

cut and make PaperClock

Tempory Time

I was trying to work out how to make the simplest and cheapest clock for the studio. One piece of blue paper, two nice shiny yellow drawing pins, an old…

cut and make citystamp postcard

City Stamp

With the City Stamp – one can collect Four Capital Cities in four different colours. The card can either be left blank or you can sketch your version of the…

cut and make cut out airmal set blue and white


In our AirMailSet we have stayed true to our Cut&Make principles and have created a paper product where nothing is printed, instead the identifying print marks are cut out, to…

cutandmake postcutcard postcard


The PostCutCard – has been conceived as an ironic statement in regards to the classic postcard.There is nothing printed on the card, on either side. Instead the characteristic lines for…